Frequently Asked Questions


Everyone tells me an EMR or EHR will disrupt my office procedures and cause significant inconvenience to my patients and staff.        That is the most frequent concern we hear from medical professionals and the most important reason for you to speak with us about your specific situation and needs. RSDM is committed to providing you all the benefits of Electronic Health Records without the hassle of converting to an established system. Because of our unique modular approach and attention to your individual needs we can adapt to your requirements instead of forcing you to make wholesale changes to your practice.  


I want to transition to Electronic Health Records but I do not have IT specialists on staff.        We understand the costs and complexities of advancing technology. That is why we offer web based services that do not require you to employ an IT department. We handle all the maintenance, support and training of your EHR system.


How do I get technical support?        Call our office, toll free, at 866-346-7736. Most technical support can be provided remotely but on-site help is available if required.


If I want to dictate patient reports what methods are available?         You may telephone dictation to our automated voice recorders toll free from any office or cellular telephone. We also accept audio files from hand held digital recorders, transmission of these files to our servers can be automated to free up office staff time.


What if I need something special or different done with my transcription?        We pride ourselves on individualized attention and service to our clients. Just ask and we will work to accommodates your specific requirements.


You are located in Michigan, do you service clients in other areas?        We currently have clients throughout the continental United States and can service your needs regardless of location.


How long has RSDM been in business?        Since 2003.